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Please note that we do not request any personal information from you.
The only requirement is your email address for support purposes and the delivery of your license key and activation.


Why I've Decided to Charge for the Ark Ascended Server Manager

Creating and maintaining software like the Ark Ascended Server Manager demands a considerable amount of time and resources. By financially supporting this project, you're doing more than just purchasing a product; you're investing in its continuous growth and improvement. Your contributions are crucial for ongoing development and enhancements, ensuring the manager surpasses the beloved features of the previous Ark Survival Evolved Manager. This financial model allows us to consistently innovate and adapt the software to meet and exceed the community's expectations.

This manager stands out by promising continued maintenance and updates in response to any future changes in the game, made possible by your support.

Additionally, I am planning to develop a server manager for Ark 2, with server licenses from this manager being valid for future game and server manager releases.

Thank you for your understanding and support in the development of The Ark Ascended Server Manager.

Sincerely, Cryptek