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Ark Survival Ascended
Server Manager

Efficiently manage your Ark: Survival Ascended servers with Our robust tool simplifies the complexities of server management, enabling seamless control over server operations. Easily start, stop, and update settings, manage mods, and more.

Key features include scheduled automatic backups, server restarts with optional updates, RCON command scheduling, and full integration with ARK API. The tool supports cluster server setups and Exclusive Join for console players, and can be set to launch automatically with Windows. It also displays real-time stats for server PC, including CPU usage, RAM, and disk space utilization.

The intuitive interface facilitates quick adjustments and continuous monitoring of server uptime, ensuring your server configurations are tailored for optimal performance. Enhanced with capabilities like automated backups and RCON scheduling, this tool not only secures but also optimizes your gaming environment.

Elevate your Ark server management experience—order now and take the first step towards streamlined server operation and enhanced game play.

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Why Choose Ark Ascended Server Manager?

Ark Ascended Server Manager is a cutting-edge tool tailored to streamline the management of dedicated servers for the game "Ark: Survival Ascended." It features a user-friendly interface that simplifies the configuration and ongoing management of complex server settings, enabling a seamless and enhanced gaming experience. This robust tool supports efficient server operations, becoming indispensable for gamers who prioritize efficient and effective performance management.

Server Manager Features

Experience effortless server management with our wide range of features

Monitor Your Usage

Track server load in real-time, including CPU, memory, and disk usage, accessible from the maintenance tab.

Full Auto Restart With Auto Updating

Set a schedule and enable automatic updates, with advance shutdown notifications for all online players.

Consistently Updated

We are committed to constant innovation, regularly introducing new features, enhancements, and updates.

ASA API Integration

Streamline your ARK server with efficient API integration, ensuring a smooth and responsive gaming experience.

Auto RCON Scheduler

Automate RCON commands with ease, including multi-server tasks, for efficient server management and synchronization.

Advanced Backup

Keep your server data safe with advanced backup options, offering smart compression and customizable scheduling.

Exclusive Joining & Admin Whitelisting

Maintain server integrity with exclusive joining options and robust admin whitelisting, complemented by import/export capabilities.

Custom Backup Scheduling

Personalize backup times to your convenience, ensuring regular, timely data protection without manual intervention.

Cluster Server Management

Effortlessly oversee cluster servers or individual instances, streamlining operations for both large and small scale setups.

Server Restart on Crash

Minimize downtime with auto-restart capabilities that detect crashes, ensuring continuous server availability.

Seamless Settings Import

Transition smoothly between servers with our settings import feature, supporting both game and user configurations.

Advanced Slider Control

Gain precision control over server settings with advanced sliders, enabling detailed customizations for an optimal setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our server manager.

How quickly will I receive my Licence Code?
  • Your Licence Code will be emailed to you immediately after your payment has been processed. If you haven't received it within an hour, please check your spam folder or contact our support team.

What are the Server Requirements?
  • Minimum: 64-bit OS, 8 GB RAM, quad-core CPU. Recommended for larger servers: higher clock speed, 16 GB RAM, SSD., Please note that the server can use a lot of RAM, If you are planning on running the server and playing the game on the same PC you will need atleast a Minimum of 24GB of RAM.

How will I know when to renew my licence?
  • We'll send reminder emails as your licence renewal date approaches, starting 30 days before expiry. You can also check the licence expiry date anytime in the server manager dashboard under licence.

My server is not showing in the list and no one can connect. What can I do?
  • First, ensure Ports 27015 and 7777 are correctly opened on your modem/router. Verify your firewall settings are not blocking connections. For more assistance, contact support.