news Version Released (June 11) - Major Stability Enhancements and Numerous Bug Fixes
Change Log
Completed Changes to Ark Ascended Server Manager

Software Changelog

Version - 11th June 2024

Bug Fixes and Adjustments:

  • Resolved issue with Disable Structure Decay being applied twice.
  • Included LevelExperienceRampOverrides in the duplicate list.
  • Fixed auto-starting servers on application load using the wrong configuration.

New Features:

  • Added CryopodFridgeCooldownTime=90 setting in the Rules Tab.
  • Implemented bForceCanRideFliers setting in the Rules Tab.
  • Introduced ForceExploitedTameDeletion setting in the Rules Tab.
  • Added setting for -PrideColors in server command line arguments (Server Settings Tab).
  • Added custom maps to the dropdown list, eliminating the need for MOD ID input.
  • Enabled right-click menu option to move server to a different location.
  • Added version number to the About dialog box.


  • Users can select the server folder location when adding a server.
  • Allowed importing of existing server folders or creation of new ones during server addition.
  • Refined server renaming to update all directory paths in Config.ini.
  • Ensured complete deletion of all files and folders upon server removal.
  • Utilized force_install_dir for SteamCMD for custom folder locations.
  • Increased application window height by 50px for better metrics display in the Maintenance Tab.
  • Updated culture selection to show actual language names.
  • Enhanced input field contrast in Dark Mode for better visibility.
  • Made Install SteamCMD, Install Server, Start Server, Update Server, and About buttons more prominent.
  • Expanded About popup with more information and links to the website, Facebook, and Discord server.

Version - 9th June 2024

Bug Fixes:

  • Allowed duplicates of HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers in Game.ini.
  • Fixed issue where start buttons wouldn't appear after server install.

Version - 5th June 2024

RCON Improvements:

  • Fixed RCON to wait for server start before attempting connection.
  • Ensured RCON shuts down properly and reopens with server start.
  • RCON will make 20 connection attempts before stopping, allowing sufficient time for server start.

New Features:

  • Added version number to the application title bar for debugging and support.
  • Introduced TheCenter_WP map and settings for pre-release server preparation.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

  • Server Crash Monitor now checks if the server is running at startup and monitors every 2 minutes.
  • Fixed issue with scheduling and sending server shutdown messages.
  • Ensured "serverchat" command is used if server messages are blank.
  • Fixed auto-updater downloading files twice.
  • Cleared temp folder when a new update is available to reduce disk usage.
  • Fully tested on Windows 11 and Windows 10 with no issues found.

Version - 1st June 2024

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts not being deleted.
  • Resolved issue with tabs not saving correct data to server INI files.
  • Fixed issue with side-by-side sliders and selecting input boxes.
  • Fixed slider input boxes to allow any value without limitations.
  • Corrected cluster directory saving to incorrect location.


  • Added refresh tabs button to the toolbar to reload INI files manually.
  • Enabled changing RCON command for sending server shutdown messages.
  • Server restart on crash now only restarts the active server tab.

Version - 25th May 2024

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed ASA API crashing during installation or uninstallation.
  • Fixed issue with auto-restart.
  • Fixed issue with multiple servers shutting down when using ASA API.


  • Tidied up command line by removing unnecessary arguments.
  • Adjusted directory setting for cluster folder using os.path.exists for accuracy.
  • Added spaces to console arguments for cleaner command execution.
  • Increased RCON connection attempts when loading with ASA API.

Version - 25th May 2024

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Introduced support for ConfigOverrideItemCraftingCosts duplicates in Game.ini, allowing for more flexible server configurations.
  • Resolved an issue with extra "{}" symbols in console arguments, ensuring cleaner command execution.
  • Updated SteamCMD to automatically close the command window upon completion, streamlining server management tasks.
  • Added an option to enable -servergamelog within the Server Manager for enhanced logging capabilities.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a server would incorrectly create an additional "servers" folder within the existing "servers" folder, preventing management issues.
  • Stabilized and refactored the code to prevent crashes and ensure smooth program operation, addressing previous stability concerns.
  • Modified the Automatic Restarter to check and restart the program every 30 seconds, ensuring it only restarts if the server's .exe file is not found in the task list.
  • Fixed the checkmark box functionality for enabling Dark Mode, improving user interface customization.
  • Enhanced the performance of changing server tabs for a smoother and faster user experience.
  • Optimized the codebase to ensure reliable program operation and prevent application crashes.
  • Resolved the error with NoTributeDownloads, which has been relocated to the Cluster Settings tab for better organization.
  • Fixed RCON connect/disconnect issues that occurred when manually closing the server window, preventing stale RCON requests from causing the application to hang.
  • Addressed UTF8 decode errors encountered by some users, enhancing compatibility and stability.
  • Updated the server start command line to remove the server password argument if it is not set, simplifying server configuration.
  • Corrected an issue with setting the correct port for servers during the launch process, ensuring proper network configuration.

Version - 14th May 2024

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Introduced a new "Overrides" tab to manage Item Stack Overrides, Engram Point Overrides, and Creature Overrides. Additional settings such as Crafting Overrides and Beacon adjustments are planned for future updates.
  • Implemented functionality for users to add Passive Mods directly through the Server Manager, enhancing server customization.
  • Enabled custom input fields in the Overrides Tab, allowing users to configure Custom Items and Settings for more personalized server management.
  • Updated the Overrides Tab to automatically save changes made to tables directly, improving data integrity and user experience.
  • Added the ability to start servers automatically when the application loads, with each server initializing every 15 seconds if this feature is enabled.
  • Introduced a Maintenance checkbox to enable automatic server updates immediately after a new server release, with checks performed every 30 minutes.
  • Added a Custom Command Line Input Area for users to input custom arguments, offering enhanced control over server launch options.
  • Expanded server settings options to include OneThread, DisablePerformanceThreads, DisableSound, ForcePerformanceThreads, DisableUnderMeshPlayerKills, DisableUnderMeshChecking, and DisableCustomCosmetics, providing advanced configuration possibilities for server administrators.

User Interface Improvements:

  • Modernized the visual style of both Light and Dark Modes, giving the application a more contemporary aesthetic.
  • Adjusted the color gradients of Performance Stats to transition more smoothly from green to red, enhancing visual clarity and feedback.

Version - 30th April 2024

Enhancements and Improvements:

  • Significantly optimized application code, resulting in noticeable performance enhancements across various operations.
  • Configured the application for automatic startup with Windows, offering users seamless access to server management.
  • Implemented an automatic restart mechanism upon application crash, ensuring continuous server operation.
  • Updated file handling mechanisms to reliably save all configurations to the Config.ini file, safeguarding user settings.
  • Enhanced integration of server messaging for smoother communication and interaction.
  • Resolved post-crash server startup issues, streamlining server recovery processes.
  • Added robust support for multiple entries of OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints in INI files, providing enhanced customization options.
  • Revamped the backup directory logic to dynamically search for .ark files based on server names, simplifying file management tasks.
  • Introduced the ability to add ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity to the game.ini without risking deletion of duplicate entries.
  • Included a convenient checkbox under Server Settings -> Other Settings for enabling the Old Console, catering to user preferences.
  • Rectified backup directory issues to create and utilize the correct folder, even in the presence of similarly named directories.
  • Further optimized tab switching functionality for smoother navigation and user experience.
  • Resolved an issue allowing server start with spaces in the server directory, ensuring compatibility with diverse directory naming conventions.
  • Fixed a bug related to the saving of custom map names in the Manager, preventing data loss and ensuring accurate configurations.
  • Enhanced user awareness by displaying remaining days left on the current license in the toolbar, promoting license management.
  • Introduced a prompt to guide users to install the server before accessing settings, preventing application crashes and ensuring smoother user onboarding.
  • Empowered users with the ability to add the application to Windows Startup, facilitating seamless access and integration into their workflow.
  • Enabled servers to send shutdown messages at configurable intervals before restart or update, enhancing user control and communication.
  • Added a feature to open Task Manager directly from the application, providing quick access to system resource management.
  • Introduced functionality to free up/clean PC memory and open the server folder directly from within the application, offering enhanced convenience and efficiency.

Maintenance and Monitoring Enhancements:

  • Augmented the Maintenance Tab to display real-time CPU, Memory, Disk Usage, and Online Players, providing comprehensive server status monitoring.
  • Expanded the Maintenance tab to include server uptime, RCON connection status, and License Status/Days remaining, offering users a centralized hub for server maintenance and monitoring.

Stability and Reliability Enhancements:

  • Addressed various bugs and underlying issues to significantly enhance program stability and reliability.
  • Resolved an issue where default GUS.ini and GAME.ini settings were not correctly applied, ensuring consistent and accurate configurations.
  • Fixed a crash occurring during application shutdown, ensuring a smooth and reliable closure process.
  • Corrected a bug causing the "Please Wait... Saving" message to hang when not fully connected, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Implemented numerous stability fixes and optimizations to enhance overall application performance and reliability.

Version - 20th April 2024

Server Management Enhancements:

  • Implemented Exclusive Server Joining / Admin Whitelisting & No Play Join Checks.
  • All lists now managed through a table with checkboxes to add player IDs to the correct listing.
  • Added refresh button to the list for proper updates.
  • Ability to delete the player ID from the Table, removing it from all respective lists.
  • New features to export and import player ID list information directly to/from a zip file.
  • Added Help button in some screens to assist with setup.
  • Server statistics now include Total IDs, Number of Persons in Exclusive Join List and the No Check List, plus the Number of Admins.
  • Added comments to the table so that Admin can define who owns Player ID within the Manager.
  • Further fixes and optimizations to Server Shutdown, especially regarding RCON issues.
  • Help Button added to assist further with cluster settings setup within the Clusters Tab.
  • Fixed issue with sliders not saving their settings.

Version - 18th April 2024

Server Stability Enhancements:

  • Improved Load_INI to refrain from adjusting existing INI headings, reducing potential errors.
  • Added the ability to rename the server folder reflecting updates in configurations, enhancing identity consistency.
  • Resolved an issue preventing application crash when new server sliders expected configurations.
  • Fixed server shutdown failure when RCON is disabled, ensuring smoother operation and maintenance.
  • Implemented automatic restart on server crash, supporting Clusters, Standalone, and ASA API configurations.

Performance Updates:

  • Server Auto Restart now checks for instance of PID every 60 seconds, possibly taking 1-2 minutes for restart on crash.

Version - 17th April 2024

Slider Updates:

  • Slider has now been changed to accept custom values in the entry section of up to 999.999999 and a Minimum of 0.00001
  • Slider in GUI reflects the changes
  • Slider no longer changes with 1 point and now by the 0.001
  • Slider Input Entry allows user to enter any number they wish for that option
  • Slider does not crash when entering custom value

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Added Facebook Icon to Toolbar for Persons to follow Facebook for Updates and News
  • Corrected INI file headers to automatically convert if incorrect e.g "/script/shootergame.shootergamemode" to "/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode".
  • Removed Server Save Directory for Clusters as this Option is not required for Ascended
  • Updated Information in Cluster Settings Setup to inform those how to Setup a Cluster
  • Changed Player Count to Update Every 15 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
  • Implemented a security/RCON feature to set a ServerAdminPassword if not already done. This is necessary for RCON connection and server protection.
  • Improvements made to Server Tab Switching to improve loading times for those not using a Solid State Disk

Version - 11th April 2024

Multi-Server Control Enhancements:

  • Implement Multi-Server Control Features:
    Facilitates management of multiple servers through a unified control panel, improving administrative efficiency.
  • Multi-Server Control for ASA API:
    Extends ASA API capabilities to support multi-server environments, ensuring seamless integration and management.

RCON and Server Management Enhancements:

  • Create RCON Scheduler for Each Server:
    Introduces a dedicated RCON scheduler for each server, allowing for automated command execution tailored to individual server needs.
  • Each Server has Own RCON Connection:
    Ensures a stable and independent RCON connection for each server, enhancing command execution reliability.
  • Each Server has Own RCON Scheduled Commands:
    Allows for the scheduling of server-specific RCON commands, providing customized automation per server.
  • Each Server Can Send Commands to Server from Respective Server Tab/RCON Tab:
    Facilitates direct server management through individual server tabs, streamlining operations.

Backup Management Enhancements:

  • Each Server Has Own Backup System:
    Introduces a dedicated backup system for each server, ensuring data integrity and redundancy.
  • Custom Configured Backup Times:
    Enables customization of backup schedules for each server, allowing for tailored data protection strategies.
  • Independently Running Backups:
    Ensures that backups for each server run independently, minimizing impact on server performance.

Server Operation Enhancements:

  • Manager Continuity Features:
    If the manager application closes, it can now find the server .exe in the task list, obtain the PID, and continue normal operations for shutdown, etc.
  • Server Tabs Functionality:
    Server tabs now operate off their Active Directory for Starting, Shutting Down, Updating, Configs, RCON, ASA API, and Backups, enhancing organizational efficiency.

Version - 2nd April 2024

Map Selection and Customization Enhancements:

  • Select Map to Use:
    Users now have the option to select from available maps or use custom maps for their server.
  • Compatibility with All Maps:
    Backup settings have been updated to work seamlessly with any selected map, enhancing flexibility and user experience.

Server Management and Settings Import:

  • Fixed Uptime Timer:
    The uptime timer now stops accurately if the server is not running or is closed manually, ensuring correct server status display.
  • Settings Importation:
    Users can import GameServerSettings.ini and Game.ini during server installation for a streamlined setup process.
  • Manual Settings Import:
    An "Import Settings" button has been added to the toolbar, allowing for manual importation of server settings.

Backup Management Improvements:

  • Enhanced Backup Deletion:
    By holding CTRL, users can now select multiple backups for deletion, simplifying server maintenance and storage management.

Version 2.0.1 - 2nd April 2024

Backup Enhancements and Automation:

  • New Backup System:
    Now automatically saves the world state before initiating a backup to preserve recent changes.
  • Instant Backup:
    Users can trigger immediate backups, with automatic world saving for data integrity.
  • Automated Backup Scheduling:
    Schedule backups via Backup Tab for automated execution and enhanced data protection.

Shutdown and Server Management Improvements:

  • Graceful Shutdown:
    Saves the world state before shutdown to meticulously preserve game data.
  • Shutdown with Warning:
    Introduces a warning message prior to server shutdowns for improved user communication.
  • PID-based Shutdown:
    Utilizes Process ID for a more precise and controlled server shutdown method.

User Experience and Interface Enhancements:

  • Config.ini Integration:
    Streamlines settings management by centralizing in config.ini.
  • Dark Mode Persistence:
    Remembers user's Dark Mode preference across sessions.
  • Enhanced Security:
    Removes placeholder texts for password fields to bolster security.
  • Discord Integration:
    Adds "Join Discord" button for community engagement and support.

RCON and Server Communication:

  • Local RCON Stability:
    Automates RCON connection processes to improve reliability.
  • RCON Command Enhancements:
    Expands control with direct server command capabilities.
  • RCON Scheduler:
    Allows scheduling of RCON commands for automated server management.

ASA API and Update Management:

  • ASA API Restriction:
    Blocks updates when the server is running to prevent operation disruptions.
  • Server Update Check:
    Adds update check functionality, disabled during server operations for stability.

Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • Player Count Visibility:
    Adds player count to toolbar for real-time server population insights.
  • UI Adjustments:
    Adjusts sliders to prevent unintended changes from scrolling.